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As part of our marketing plan we will recommend a range of marketing tactics like brand development, email marketing, social media and customer relationship marketing.

If you work with us as your marketing consultancy, we’ll want to know about you and your business. We’ll take a look at …

We’ll create a marketing plan with your objectives and budget in mind. As a  marketing consultancy focusing on SMEs, we’ll come up with the most practical and cost-effective marketing strategy.

Services We Offer

Brand Development

  A brand is more than just your logo. It’s the way your company comes across – your name, your visual identity, your reputation and how you are perceived versus your competitors. If your business doesn’t have a defined brand, it can let your company down. We’ll help develop a strong brand identity, and make sure your brand matches your potential.


 Even though you’re the expert in your own business, sometimes you just need a little help expressing what you are offering. We specialise in taking complicated concepts and translating them into clear, direct communication so that they make sense to your target group. We can do this for websites, adverts, brochures and sales letters and emails.

Customer Relationship Management

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM for short), is about managing your interactions with your current and future customers.  We’ll help you understand who your customers are, and how and what they buy from you. This will help sell more to your existing customers and find new ones.

Managing External Agencies

 If you need a new website; help with improving your Search Engine Optimisation; someone to develop a new brochure, video, corporate identity or logo – we can help you find the right people to do the job and manage their work. We are happy to work with either one of the trusted agencies and freelancers we know, or any of your own preferred suppliers.

Customer Research

 In order to know what your customers want, you need to understand them – what motivates them, their likes and dislikes. We can take-on in-depth interviews with your customers to find out the answers. This will help you make changes to your products or services to better fit what your customers want.

Email Marketing

 Some people wonder whether email marketing is still useful. If you do it well with the right message, to the right people it can still be a hugely cost-effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. We can develop, write and execute one-off or regular email marketing programmes to give you measurable results.

Lead and Demand Generation

 Generating enquiries is critical to nearly all businesses. But you may not be getting enough, or not from the right people who are actually going to buy from you. Or, you might be getting lots of enquiries,  but can’t convert them into sales. By improving  your sales qualification process we can ensure you get more of the right kind of leads, cost effectively.

Social Media Implementation

 There’s no ignoring that social media is critical to today’s marketing approach.  But many small businesses feel they don’t understand the best way to use Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, or don’t have enough time to work with these  tools. We can come up with simple ways to use social media, without taking up all your time.

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