Marketing Advice When You Need It

Your businesses may not be able to afford the luxury of hiring a full-time marketing person. But you still need marketing advice and support on an project or regular basis.

Help with Marketing, Berkshire

Our customers are small to medium businesses who need marketing support. They are looking to re-position, grow their business, or focus on new areas of expertise.

We take a look at what your business wants to achieve, to come up with  cost-effective, marketing plans. We present you with practical, but innovative proposals which will show you results on your bottom-line, AND be achievable within your budget.

We’ll review your service and product offering and current marketing plans, to see how they could be approved, or how you can better spend your budget. We can also bring in recommended external associates to help with website development, design and printing as needed for the project.

Affordable Marketing Plans for Smaller Companies

As a small, independent company we have no fancy offices or excessive admin, so we don’t have high overheads that we need to cover through unrealistic fees. This makes Electra Marketing affordable for small and medium companies.

We won’t use a lot of jargon or try to confuse with you with hypothetical concepts. We’ll talk in common-sense, practical terms and explain how our proposals will help your business to grow. We don’t blindly follow a set process and plan. Instead, we  listen to what our clients are trying to achieve, and come up with something practical that will work for you.

Experienced Marketing Advisor Newbury

Electra Marketing is based in Newbury, Berkshire and is run by Monica Huddie. Monica Huddie, Marketing , BerkshireShe has over 20 years’ successful marketing, campaign management and communications experience.

She has worked for a range of both blue chip and small companies from book clubs to home study language courses; Telecoms, Software and Banking, in the UK, The Netherlands and the USA. Whether she is working with small or large customers, she always focuses on the practical, commercial objectives and what the customer is looking to achieve.

Marketing Help Needed?

Get in touch with us or give us a call on 01635 886373 for an informal chat about how we could help you improve your marketing and help your business grow.